Friday, 25 February 2011

The Greatest Feud of All Time...

Ok, so it's the road to Wrestlemania. 
Before i post my predictions/calls/bookings for the big event. I thought i'd go for my favourite wrestling feud of all time to whet the appetite.

Read and watch on. You all think that wrestling is 'fake'? Pre-determined yes, but not fake. Watch this.

Triple H vs. Mankind/Cactus Jack - 1999/2000
This was just amazing. It all started with the build up to the 2000 Royal Rumble, where HHH married Stephanie McMahon and took control of the (then) WWF. Then he won the title from BigShow and the feud with Mankind began...

Ok, that promo. It seems kind of normal, but watch the face of Triple H when Mankind announces it won't be him facing The Game at the rumble but it will be Cactus Jack.
Yeah that's just the same guy with no mask an a different shirt on. But his reaction made it seem like it was massive. And we believed it, we actually thought it was a metamorphosis The way it was done was so good. That's what made this match.

If Triple H would have just stared blankly it would have meant nothing.
That doesn't happen these days.
The build up to this, and getting the Rock involved made it even more anticipated.

So they fought at the Rumble, which was my favourite match of all time. Just brutal. This made HHH the man he is today. Fair play to both men. Anyone who says wrestling is fake, watch this. It may be 'choreographed', but the blood, the tacks, the cuts are 100% real.

Yeah he doesn't actually cut him with the barbed wire, but it is not bloodpacks.
Watch how fast Triple H blades (cuts himself above just below the hairline with a razorblade (hidden in his wrist tape) to make the blood come out faster) after the first barbed wire face shot. They just deal with the pain.

 Take the time to watch all these videos, even if you've seen it before, you'll remember how amazing both these man are at what they do. Yeah it's entertainment, but there's nothing better.  Just watch, then tell me wrestling's shit. You'll get absorbed!

Probably not as much as me like.

Also a fact for ya - Obviously Triple H planned to blade (cut) his face in the match.  But the wound in his leg was NOT planned. That was not meant to happen, but he caught it on the pallets earlier on.  Fair play to Paul for that.
So here it is...

Watch it all - what else you gonna do, stalk people on facebook?. Yeah and you call wrestling fans sad......

That's not  fake pins/barbed wire/blood. All real, i promise. The referee is there as a medic to make sure they are ok. No-one can deny these guys what they did there.
Unbelievable. Who could top that....

Nobody but these two! Three weeks later in the Hell in a Cell was a rematch with Cactus Jack's career on the line. What could be worse than a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire? Yeah that's right, a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire set on fire!!!!
And a 20ft fall through the ring. Incredible.

So yeah??? What do you think is the best feud of all time???
 Maybe something that ran longer?

I picked this one because it got me from going to a kid who liked Austin and the Rock, to a real Wrestling fan. And years later I look back and realise how good this was.

Honourable mentions...

Hogan vs. Andre 87
Hollywood Hogan vs. Sting 96/97
Austin vs Rock 1999 & 2001
Undertaker vs. Kane (too many years to mention).
Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko (WCW in like 95, youtube it, best pop i've ever seen on TV)

Stay tuned, my mania picks coming soon....


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