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Wrestlemania 28 Pool

Here is the current pool entry sheet - the final version will be done on Wednesday after Raw and Smackdown - I will have them by then. Mania is Sunday but we can only watch it on Tuesday, so entries need to be in by the last time I see you before Sunday, probably Friday.
It should be easy enough to fill in.
You can do all the research you want but it's still a game of chance, I'm sure not even the wrestlers know who is going to win yet anyway!

Wrestlemania 28 Pool

Match 1 - Randy Orton vs Kane

Outcome (Choose 1)
Orton Win by Pinfall (1 Point)
Orton Win by Submission (3 Points)
Orton Win by DQ (2 Points)
Orton Win by Countout (2 Points)
Kane Win by Pinfall (1 Point)
Kane Win by Submission (3 Points)
Kane Win by DQ (2 Points)
Kane win by Countout (2 Points)
Double Countout/DQ (3 Points)

Match 2 - Cody Rhodes (c) vs Big Show (Intercontinental Championship)

Outcome (Choose 1)
Rhodes Win by Pinfall (1 Point)
Rhodes Win by Submission (3 Points)
Rhodes Win by DQ (2 Points)
Rhodes Win by Countout (2 Points)
Big Show Win by Pinfall (1 Point)
Big Show Win by Submission (3 Points)
Big Show Win by DQ (2 Points)
Big Show win by Countout (2 Points)
Double Countout/DQ (3 Points)

Match 3 - Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs Beth Pheonix & Eve

Outcome 1 (Choose 1)
Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos Win (1 Point)
Beth Pheonix and Eve Win (1 Point)
Outcome 2 (Choose 1)
Kelly Kelly gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 Point)
Maria Menounos gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 Point)
Beth Phoenix gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 Point)
Eve gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 Point)
DQ/Countout (1 Point)

Match 4 - Team Johnny vs Team Teddy - 12 Man Tag Team Match for control of Raw and Smackdown
Team Johnny - David Otunga (Captain), Mark Henry, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and TBA
Team Teddy - Santino Marella (Captain), R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali and TBA

Outcome 1 (Choose 1)
Team Johnny Wins (1 Point)
Team Teddy Wins (1 Point)
Outcome 2 (Choose 1)
Otunga gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
Henry gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
Christian gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
Ziggler gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
Swagger gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
TBA (Johnny) gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
Santino gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
R-Truth gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
Ryder gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
Kingston gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
Khali gets the Pinfall/Submission (1 point)
TBA (Teddy) gets the Pinfall Submission (1 point)
Outcome 3 (Choose 1)
Otunga gets pinned/submits (1 point)
Henry gets pinned/submits (1 point)
Christian gets pinned/submits (1 point)
Ziggler gets pinned/submits (1 point)
Swagger gets pinned/submits (1 point)
TBA (Johnny) gets pinned/submits (1 point)
Santino gets pinned/submits (1 point)
R-Truth gets pinned/submits (1 point)
Ryder gets pinned/submits (1 point)
Kingston gets pinned/submits (1 point)
Khali gets pinned/submits (1 point)
TBA (Teddy) gets pinned/submits (1 point)

Match 5 - Daniel Bryan (c) vs Sheamus  - World Heavyweight Championship

Outcome (Choose 1)
Bryan Win by Pinfall (2 Points)
Bryan Win by Submission (1 Point)
Bryan Win by DQ (2 Points)
Bryan Win by Countout (2 Points)
Sheamus Win by Pinfall (1 Point)
Sheamus Win by Submission (2 Points)
Sheamus Win by DQ (2 Points)
Sheamus win by Countout (2 Points)
Double Countout/DQ (3 Points)

Match 6 - CM Punk (c) vs Chris Jericho (WWE Championship)

Outcome (Choose 1)
Punk Win by Pinfall (2 Point)
Punk Win by Submission (2 Points)
Punk Win by DQ (2 Points)
Punk Win by Countout (2 Points)
Jericho Win by Pinfall (2 Points)
Jericho Win by Submission (2 Points)
Jericho Win by DQ (2 Points)
Jericho win by Countout (2 Points)
Double Countout/DQ (3 Points)

Match 7 - Triple H vs Undertaker - Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee

Outcome 1 (Choose 1)
Triple H Win (2 Point)
Undertaker Win (2 Points)
Outcome 2 (Choose 1 - finishing move to end match)
Tombstone (1 Point)
Chokeslam (1 Point)
Pedigree (1 Point)
Sweet Chin Music (1 Point)
Hell's Gate (1 Point)
Crippler Crossface (1 Point)
Last Ride (1 Point)
Other (1 Point)

Match 8 - The Rock vs John Cena

Outcome 1 (Choose 1)
Rock Win (2 Points)
Cena Win (2 Points)
No Winner (3 Points)
Outcome 2 (Choose 1 - finishing move to end match - N/A if no outcome)
Rock Bottom (1 Point)
People's Elbow (1 Point)
Attitude Adjustment (1 Point)
STFU (1 Point)
Sharpshooter (1 Point)
Other (1 Point)

Bonus Question - Time of Rock vs Cena Match (Minutes & Seconds)...................................................................................

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